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NCCAOM Provider: # 162984

Our mission is to integrate Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine with Conventional Medicine. 
Our goal is to enable you to practice ancient medicine according to modern standards.


TCM Herbal Practice Safety Standards and Medical Errors Prevention Guidelines: The Cleveland Clinic Model

Earn Education Credits:
NCCAOM: Approved: 6 PDA hours in Herbal Safety Category # 162984-2

This Webinar will teach you to:
  • Navigate the legalities and logistics of initiating and successfully practicing a traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic at a hospital or private practice.
  • Learn hospital standards for record keeping and reporting of herbal side effects.
  • Enhance your communication skills with western health care practitioners.
  • Understand requirements for herbal prescription writing to prevent medical errors.
  • Protect your practice by implementing proper communication with your patients.

ATTENTION - class log in directions:
fter you submit payment please wait for PayPal confirmation, at the confirmation page click on RETURN TO ASIAN THERAPIES ACADEMY, it will bring you to the web store page with your log in USER NAME  and PASSWORD to access the class.

To purchase a class please click on the link below:


10% of proceeds will be donated to the ICD-11 International Classification of Traditional

Medicine (ICTM) Diagnostic codes development project
If you wish to support the future of our  profession please click on the form link below print it out and follow instructions ICD11DonationProject
                                                        thank you

For more information, please email Galina Roofener.

Refund Policy for Webinar: NONE