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Traditional Medicine Standard Terminology:
Bridge to the ICD-11 Billing Practice

NCCAOM: 22 PDA points (16 PDA AOM-BIO + 4 PDA Safety + 2 PDA Ethics) - PDA-162984-6

FLORIDA: 21 CEU (issued by FSOMA) (2 CEU Medical Errors + 2 CEU Biomedical Sciences + 17 CEU General hours) - CE Broker # 20-757618

California21 CEU (Category 1 Live Webinar for 05/16/20) 
Texas - PENDING 

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform in the approaching era of ICD-11 Chapter 26 (TM1) Traditional Medicine Billing Codes based on the “WHO International
 Standard Terminologies
on Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific Region” manual (2007). The student will be able to implement Traditional Medicine SOAP notes in compliance with the standards for Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement requirements.

Expect: 7 hours class room (add 1 hour lunch) + 14 hours home study


Through the successful completion of this course, each student will be able to:

1. Understand the importance of standard terminology. 

2. Identify resources for standard terminology reference. 

3. Understand the purpose of ICD-11 Chapter 26 (TM1).

4. Diversify the WHO International
Standard Terminology pertaining to a specific style of Traditional Medicine including but not limited to Japanese, Korean, Five Element, Famous Masters, Scalp, etc. 

5. Interpret one of the most widely used terminologies in the USA as reflected in the textbooks written by G. Maciocia compare to the WHO International
Standard Terminology.

6. Parallel current ICD-10 and/or future ICD-11 billable diagnosis to NON-billable Traditional Medicine (TM1) pattern diagnosis.

7. Formulate treatment principle adapted to a specific style of Traditional Medicine using WHO International
Standard Terminology.

8. Write a SOAP note adapted to a specific style of Traditional Medicine using WHO International
Standard Terminology in the standardized format to fulfill billing requirements.

9. Implement general principles & rules for coding Traditional Medicines in compliance with USA insurance billing requirements.